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SOS in the News

Irish Times (Opinion): The Walsh Report and lifting the statute of limitations in Ireland

17th September 2012 - Link

By the chairperson of the Survivors of Symphysiotomy, Marie O’Connor, this article details the need for the statute bar to be lifted, enabling unfettered access for survivors to the courts. This, in turn, would allow for truth and justice to emerge as the courts are not under the influence of the Department of Health.

SOS Ireland: Clare People feature

24th June 2013

Symphysiotomy survivor Ellen’s harrowing recollection of the invasive surgery and the debilitating results of its practice during her childbirth in 1965. It is also sadly noted that for many women, the time for redress had come too late.

Symphysiotomy and human rights

24th June 2013

By the chairperson of the Survivors of Symphysiotomy, Marie O’Connor, the article first appeared in Human Rights Ireland. The article details the situation in 2013 when the Statute of Limitations (Amendment) Bill appeared before the Select Committee on Justice of the Irish Parliament.

Irish Examiner (Opinion): SOS Ireland

16th April 2013 - Link

This article is an opinion piece by Fergus Finlay, of the Irish Observer, discussing Taoiseach’s apology to those who have survived symphysiotomy, marking the event as significant social progress.

An interview with SOS Ireland

1st April 2013 - Link

This is a link to the interview by the filmmaker and co-producer of ‘Mothers Against The Odds,’ Anne Daly, with Survivors of Symphysiotomy chairperson Marie O’Connor about the importance of the group’s petition.

Journal.ie: SOS Ireland

19th June 2012 - Link

An article which details some of the causes behind the blight of symphysiotomies, such as the Catholic church and the culture of doctors at the time. It also delves into the failings of the Walsh Report and why the Statute of Limitations should be lifted for the survivors.

RTE Documentary (Video)

18th February 2010 - Link

A documentary about the symphysiotomies conducted in Irish hospitals which have resulted in women being traumatised and suffering from long-term problems. The documentary features testimonials from many survivors.

Irish Examiner: Calls for Taoiseach to arrange a just settlement for survivors

16th July 2013 - Link

Released prior to the publication of the Walsh Report, the Irish Examiner calls for Taoiseach Enda Kenny to demonstrate leadership and arrange for a just settlement for survivors of symphysiotomies. The article highlights the need for the focus of redress schemes to be on the needs of survivors rather than the culture of bureaucracy.

Al Jazeera: Ireland’s shocking record on women’s rights

18th October 2014 - Link

The author of this article covers the abuse, neglect, and Catholic church doctrine that have taken place in Ireland at the expense of women, which includes the continued use of symphysiotomies. It also notes how Ireland has been able to avoid criticism while ignoring victims, for the most part.

Al Jazeera: Ireland accused of whitewashing childbirth scandal

11th April 2015 - Link

Here, Al Jazeera details how the Irish government has betrayed those who survived the horrifying medical procedure of symphysiotomy, with the compensation scheme being condemned by civil rights campaigners.