High Court refuses application for costs in symphysiotomy case​

Survivors of Symphysiotomy has​ expressed satisfaction with ​today’s High Court judgme​nt​ refusing the State’s application for costs in a case involving a so-called ​prophylactic symphysiotomy ​done ​in 1963 ​at the Coombe Hospital, Dublin. ​’It was unseemly to see the State

Rights groups reject Government scheme for symphysiotomy survivors that flouts UN human rights standards

At a joint press conference in Dublin this morning (Tuesday 30 September 2014), Survivors of Symphysiotomy and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) rejected Minister Varadkar’s proposed ex gratia scheme for survivors of symphysiotomy. The unanimous rejection of the

SoS to outline core demands in meeting with Minister tomorrow

Survivors of Symphysiotomy (SoS) are set to meet the Minister for Health tomorrow (Friday18 September) at the Department of Health, Hawkins House at 4.30. Marie O’Connor, Chairperson of SoS, who is leading a 15-strong delegation to the meeting, said: ‘we

Video: A brutal procedure

hghlight image of RTE documentary post

Paul Maguire reports on operations conducted in Irish hospitals that left women so traumatised they have been unable to talk to close friends or even family members about the procedure. Barbaric, archaic ? A midwifery of darker times. Just what

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