Press resources : Low resolution image of SOS meeting with James Reilly : 25th Nov 2013

SOS Spokesperson Marie O’Connor with symphysiotomy survivors Vera McCardle, Ellen Moore and Marie and Billy Crean outside Dáil Éireann this afternoon (25th Nov 2013). Credit: None

symphysiotomy redress board

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Video: SOS Survivor Theresa Devoy

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Theresa Devoy was operated upon without her consent during her first pregnancy in 1963, at St Luke’s Hospital, Kilkenny. Here she talks about her desire for justice and her hopes that the Bill currently before the Irish parliament is passed

Video: Maria Kelly shares her experience

Maria Carroll shares her experience of symphysiotomy

Symphysiotomy survivor Maria Kelly shares her experience. Maria has undergone repeated operations to repair the damage done by doctors who practiced surgery on young women and girls, without their consent, to ensure childbearing without limits. Video courtesy of Sinead O’Carroll

SOS Ireland in the Irish Examiner

Read an opinion piece on SOS’s forthcoming Bill by Fergus Finlay in the Irish Examiner A FEW weeks ago, I wrote here that the Taoiseach’s apology to the women who had survived the hardship and abuse of the Magdalene Laundries

SoS Ireland gives a guarded welcome to Government support of their Bill.

Survivors of Symphysiotomy have given a guarded welcome to the announcement that the Government would not oppose the Second State of their Bill setting aside the statute bar for survivors, but have called for its speedy enactment. SoS has welcomed

Survivor stories : Theresa Devoy


One of the survivors of symphysiotomy in Ireland is Theresa Devoy who was seventeen when she went into hospital. Here is her story. Watch a video of Theresa discussing why we need our Bill to become law. I met my

Irish Times Opinion covering the Walsh Report and lifting the statute bar in Ireland

OPINION:A lobby group wants the statute of limitations to be temporarily lifted for survivors of what were covert, unnecessary and injurious operations. Mon, Sep 17, 2012 A YOUNG, healthy woman expecting her second child, and a repeat Caesarean section, was

Survivors of Symphysiotomy talk about their demonstration

Image of Mithilda Behan

RTE news: SOS Campaigners renew call for independent enquiry

Campaigners seeking an independent inquiry into certain childbirth practices stepped up their battle today with the publication of a report into symphysiotomy and pubiotomy between 1944 and 1992. These procedures involved the severing of one of the pelvic joints or

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