Irish Examiner calls for Taoiseach examine redress for symphysiotomy cases.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 In the Irish Examiner today Terry Prone calls for Enda Kenny to show leadership on the issue of symphysiotomy now that matters are beginning to come to head with the imminent publication of the Walsh Report

Video: A brutal procedure

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Paul Maguire reports on operations conducted in Irish hospitals that left women so traumatised they have been unable to talk to close friends or even family members about the procedure. Barbaric, archaic ? A midwifery of darker times. Just what

Symphysiotomy and human rights

This article first appeared in Human Rights Ireland and is by the Chairperson of SOS, Marie O’Connor. The Statute of Limitations (Amendment) Bill 2013 for survivors of symphysiotomy is now before the Select Committee on Justice of the Irish Parliament. Its passage

SoS Ireland gives a guarded welcome to Government support of their Bill.

Survivors of Symphysiotomy have given a guarded welcome to the announcement that the Government would not oppose the Second State of their Bill setting aside the statute bar for survivors, but have called for its speedy enactment. SoS has welcomed

The Walsh Report Ireland

The Walsh terms of reference were defective. Crucially, they excluded survivor testimony, which would have nullified the report’s most fundamental findings, that symphysiotomy was done mainly as an emergency procedure and that it was ‘safer’ than Caesarean section. Hospital reports

Irish Times Opinion covering the Walsh Report and lifting the statute bar in Ireland

OPINION:A lobby group wants the statute of limitations to be temporarily lifted for survivors of what were covert, unnecessary and injurious operations. Mon, Sep 17, 2012 A YOUNG, healthy woman expecting her second child, and a repeat Caesarean section, was

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