Rosaleen O’Connor talks about the injustice and impact of symphysiotomy operations

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Rosaleen O’Connor talks about a symphysiotomy which was performed by doctors after her admission to a maternity ward for her second child at the age of 21. Rosaleen is one of many survivors seeking truth and justice for the tragedy

SOS statement on meeting with Minister James Reilly

Government accused of trying to blindfold survivors of symphysiotomy by setting up an opaque and closed-ended process. Survivors of Symphysiotomy are dismayed at the Government’s failure to engage with their demands, following their meeting with Minister James Reilly this afternoon.

SOS statement on the appointment of Judge Yvonne Murphy

SOS are dismayed with the terms of reference set out for Judge Yvonne Murphy who has been appointed by Government to produce a report for Government on a potential redress scheme. ‘We have no criticism whatsoever to make of the

Press release : James Reilly calls eleventh hour meeting with survivors of symphysiotomy

Survivors of the destructive operation of symphysiotomy are due to to meet Minister James Reilly this lunchtime. ‘Survivors of Symphysiotomy were given 18 hours’ notice of this meeting with the Minister’, said Marie O’Connor, Chairperson of Survivors of Symphysiotomy (SoS).

Irish Examiner calls for Taoiseach examine redress for symphysiotomy cases.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 In the Irish Examiner today Terry Prone calls for Enda Kenny to show leadership on the issue of symphysiotomy now that matters are beginning to come to head with the imminent publication of the Walsh Report

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Video: A brutal procedure

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Paul Maguire reports on operations conducted in Irish hospitals that left women so traumatised they have been unable to talk to close friends or even family members about the procedure. Barbaric, archaic ? A midwifery of darker times. Just what

Information for researchers: The revival of symphysiotomy in Ireland

The Revival of Symphysiotomy in Ireland Dr Jacqueline Morrissey the historian who first exposed the latter day practice of symphysiotomy in Ireland. With kind permission from  Dr Jacqueline Morrissey and Tommy Graham the Editor of History Ireland. First published in History Ireland Sept/Oct 2012

SOS Ireland in the Irish Examiner

Read an opinion piece on SOS’s forthcoming Bill by Fergus Finlay in the Irish Examiner A FEW weeks ago, I wrote here that the Taoiseach’s apology to the women who had survived the hardship and abuse of the Magdalene Laundries

Symphysiotomy and human rights

This article first appeared in Human Rights Ireland and is by the Chairperson of SOS, Marie O’Connor. The Statute of Limitations (Amendment) Bill 2013 for survivors of symphysiotomy is now before the Select Committee on Justice of the Irish Parliament. Its passage

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