Symphysiotomy and human rights

This article first appeared in Human Rights Ireland and is by the Chairperson of SOS, Marie O’Connor. The Statute of Limitations (Amendment) Bill 2013 for survivors of symphysiotomy is now before the Select Committee on Justice of the Irish Parliament. Its passage

Draft: Shortened Walsh Report now online

Draft Report on Symphysiotomy in Ireland from 1944 to 1984   Please note: This report is disputed by SOS Ireland and is provided as an aide to researchers and those studying the subject. The report is in no way endorsed by

Cork Independent: SOS Survivor Eileen Murphy critical of ministerial inaction and the findings of the draft Walsh Report

A Cork woman who underwent the controversial operation symphysiotomy in 1961 has said it ruined her life and has caused her constant pain ever since, but she does not expect any redress to follow publication of a new report on

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