Rosaleen O’Connor talks about the injustice and impact of symphysiotomy operations

rosaleen o'connor, symphysiotomy reportage

Rosaleen O’Connor talks about a symphysiotomy which was performed by doctors after her admission to a maternity ward for her second child at the age of 21. Rosaleen is one of many survivors seeking truth and justice for the tragedy

Information for researchers: The revival of symphysiotomy in Ireland

The Revival of Symphysiotomy in Ireland Dr Jacqueline Morrissey the historian who first exposed the latter day practice of symphysiotomy in Ireland. With kind permission from  Dr Jacqueline Morrissey and Tommy Graham the Editor of History Ireland. First published in History Ireland Sept/Oct 2012

SOS Explained – Our campaign to highlight the abuses of symphysiotomy

Survivor stories : Theresa Devoy


One of the survivors of symphysiotomy in Ireland is Theresa Devoy who was seventeen when she went into hospital. Here is her story. Watch a video of Theresa discussing why we need our Bill to become law. I met my

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