SOS demand that our legal rights be upheld

SOS Ireland campaigners have fought long and hard for the truth about these operations to become public knowledge, yet at every turn we have been refused access to the basic dignities our rights afford us.

In inquiries by the Department of Health our injuries and our experiences have been ignored. When we have asked for our medical records we have been told they don’t exist, are asked to pay unfair charges or have had to resort to legal action to obtain full and frank disclosure. All we ask is for the truth about operations which were undertaken without our knowledge and consent to be acknowledged.

Because of the hundreds of brave women who have fought every obstacle and are fighting every delay, the truth about what happened at many Irish maternity hospitals in respect of these unlawful and dangerous operations has slowly come to light. The evidence that symphysiotomy was used as a more dangerous alternative than Cesarian section is overwhelming.

SOS Ireland demands that all survivors be given access to justice which includes, if necessary, access to the courts in respect of damages against the hospitals who have been responsible for irreparable damage which is the tragedy of Symphysiotomy operations.

This means the government and our TDs supporting us by changing the law. It also means a full and frank disclosure of all medical records without further hindrance and it means that the Department of Health keep the promises they made when the scandal of symphysiotomy first came to public attention.

Many SOS members are very old. The longer we are forced to wait to obtain justice the worse the crime perpetrated against women in Ireland will become. We ask for consent, for fairness and for our basic rights to be upheld.

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