SOS Ireland hold demo at Dáil Éireann

Image of SOS Ireland Demonstration at Dail Eiran

Survivors of Symphysiotomy recently held a colourful demonstration at Dáil Éireann in protest at the delays to their proposed change to the law on limitations in Ireland.

The law aims to open up access to justice for a period of one year so that women affected by operations can seek redress for the damages they have suffered.

SOS Chairperson Marie O’Connor is angry that the law, which was unanimously approved by the Justice Committee earlier this year, has had its progress slowed down.

Marie comments “These were operations performed without consent, that breached women’s human rights and led to a lifetime of suffering. Are we now to see these elderly women denied ready access to truth and justice?”.

Amongst the Survivors of Symphysiotomy who attended the demonstration were Theresa Devoy who was operated on without her consent at St Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny.

Stressing the urgent need for justice for the many elderly survivors, Theresa added “I’ve had an ongoing problem all my life with walking, with incontinence, you name it and I’ve had it. We just want the Government to do the right thing now.”

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