83 per cent voted to reject the Varadkar scheme.

83 per cent voted to reject the Varadkar scheme.

At EGMs attended by 350 members and their families, 83 per cent voted to reject the Varadkar scheme. We ask:

Why is Minister Varadkar flouting key UN recommendations?
Why is he seeking to protect private entities, such as private hospitals, religious congregations and doctors, such as Michael Neary, who carried out these acts of involuntary surgery, from being held to account?
Why is Leo Varadkar, himself a medical practitioner, actively promoting impunity within the health service?

We are looking for:


This appalling scheme to be withdrawn and replace by measures that meet UN Human Rights Committee recommendations.


If the Minister insists on enforcing this scheme, then we demand the withdrawal of this waiver – which we are legally advised is – unlawful and a 3 year period for entry to the scheme.

Marie O’Connor
Chairperson Survivors of Symphysiotomy (SoS)
Author: Bodily Harm: symphysiotomy and pubiotomy in Ireland 1944-92

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