SOS statement on the appointment of Judge Yvonne Murphy

SOS are dismayed with the terms of reference set out for Judge Yvonne Murphy who has been appointed by Government to produce a report for Government on a potential redress scheme.

‘We have no criticism whatsoever to make of the appointment of Ms Murphy, per se, but this appointment is a smokescreen that hides a refusal of Minister James Reilly to entertain our offer of a fair and negotiated settlement based on our members’ legal actions and his opposition to the advancement of our Private Members’ Bill setting aside the Statute of Limitations.’

‘Survivors will not be led up the garden path in this way. At our last Extraordinary General Meeting, our members unanimously decided not to engage in one to one “conversations” with judges or government officials. Instead, they mandated our National Executive to meet the judge appointed by the government to see if a settlement based on truth – and on an accepted medical negligence scale – can be progressed in a way that is both expeditious and respectful of the damages they have suffered.’

‘If a resolution cannot be achieved, the legal actions of our members will be continued and we will see test cases begin in the High Court in 2014.’

“We sincerely hope that this appointment is not another delaying tactic on behalf of the executive that denies many elderly women the right to justice and the acknowledgement of the wrongs that they have suffered.

“We have every confidence that our members will obtain redress and we hope that the government will really make an effort to take on board our concerns and lift the Statute of Limitations before our members have to deal with yet another delay or have to work within the confines of yet another layer of government appointed mediators or advisors.”

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