Varadkar’s symphysiotomy waiver “shields perpetrators” say key advocates

Joint Irish Council for Civil Liberties/ Survivors of Symphysiotomy Press Release Tuesday 2 December 2014 Proposals by Health Minister Leo Varadkar TD that require symphysiotomy survivors to waive their human rights have been strongly criticised by national and international human

Rosaleen O’Connor talks about the injustice and impact of symphysiotomy operations

rosaleen o'connor, symphysiotomy reportage

Rosaleen O’Connor talks about a symphysiotomy which was performed by doctors after her admission to a maternity ward for her second child at the age of 21. Rosaleen is one of many survivors seeking truth and justice for the tragedy

Press Release in wake of Redress Rejection 16th November 2014

Survivors of symphysiotomy reject Government payment scheme Survivors of symphysiotomy have roundly rejected the Government’s payment scheme. In mass meetings held in Cork yesterday and in Dublin today, attended by 345 survivors and family members, 83 per cent of Survivors

Survivors of symphysiotomy call on Government to open gates on scheme

Survivors of symphysiotomy call on Government to open the gates on scheme   Survivors of symphysiotomy have called on the Government to ‘open the gates’ on its redress scheme, which was announced this morning without consultation. The scheme, they say,

Leo Varadkar said symphysiotomy was not ‘a crime in Ireland”

At the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health on Thursday, responding to a question from Clare Daly TD, ,that it was done in some countries, including Africa, and that he ‘highly doubted’ one had been done in St Luke’s Hospital, Kilkenny.

International News Outlet, Al Jazeera Express Horror at Symphysiotomy

Ireland’s shocking record on women’s rights Horror operations based on church doctrine, abuse, neglect. Ireland escapes criticism and largely ignores the victims. Laurence Lee is Al Jazeera’s London correspondent, covering economic, social and political affairs across the UK and Ireland.

Ireland’s horror operation victims speak out

Al Jazeera is set to broadcast an expanded piece on symphysiotomy, the 18th of october to an audience of 220 million. Ireland’s horror operation victims speak out Al Jazeera investigates

Rights groups reject Government scheme for symphysiotomy survivors that flouts UN human rights standards

At a joint press conference in Dublin this morning (Tuesday 30 September 2014), Survivors of Symphysiotomy and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) rejected Minister Varadkar’s proposed ex gratia scheme for survivors of symphysiotomy. The unanimous rejection of the

Survivors of Symphysiotomy demand better deal on redress:

Survivors of Symphysiotomy (SoS) are demanding a better redress scheme from the Minister for Health. Speaking after today’s meeting with the Minister for Health, Marie O’Connor, Chairperson of SoS said ‘we told the Minister today that the redress scheme as

Photos of the demonstration outside Leinster House, last Thursday, 11/9/2014

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