Getting Your Records Back from the Scheme

TO ALL SURVIVORS OF SYMPHYSIOTOMY WHO APPLIED TO THE PAYMENT SCHEME AND THEIR FAMILIES You may have seen the controversy over the plan to destroy medical records held by the Symphysiotomy Payment Scheme. The Assessor has announced that all records

SoS Submission to UN Human Rights Council

The UN will carry out a review of Ireland in 2016. Read our submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council: This submission outlines the torture, and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, perpetrated on three generations of women in Ireland

High Court refuses application for costs in symphysiotomy case​

Survivors of Symphysiotomy has​ expressed satisfaction with ​today’s High Court judgme​nt​ refusing the State’s application for costs in a case involving a so-called ​prophylactic symphysiotomy ​done ​in 1963 ​at the Coombe Hospital, Dublin. ​’It was unseemly to see the State

Ireland accused of whitewashing childbirth scandal:

See the latest from Al Jazeera on State’s attempt to whitewash symphysiotomy scandal

Please get in touch with your experience of State Symphysiotomy Payment Scheme

Following reports that so many applications to the Payment Scheme have been turned down, we are appealing to any woman who has been rejected by the Assessor of the State Symphysiotomy Payment Scheme to get in touch. We would also

Government’s so-called “non-adversarial” Scheme places impossible and unjust burden of proof on survivors of symphysiotomy

Government’s so-called “non-adversarial” Scheme places impossible and unjust burden of proof on survivors of symphysiotomy. Survivors of Symphysiotomy have criticised the implementation of the Symphysiotomy Scheme, describing the Scheme’s criteria for a 50 year paper trail of injuries as ‘unrealistic,

Survivors of Symphysiotomy appeal to the Rotunda Hospital for the release of key birth records

Survivors of Symphysiotomy have appealed to one of Dublin’s main maternity hospitals to release records belonging to one of their members. Marie O’Connor, Chairperson of Survivors of Symphysiotomy, said: ‘we are appealing to the Master of the Rotunda Hospital to

Cover up of records unearthed

Thousands of hospital records containing evidence of symphysiotomy withheld in ‘careful’ and ‘systematic’ cover up Maternity care records have emerged showing the State has failed to investigate the practice of symphysiotomy. Marie O’Connor, Chairperson of Survivors of Symphyiotomy, the national

Amnesty International, ICCL and SoS Press Conference

Media Advisory Rights groups call for fundamental changes to Symphysiotomy Payment Scheme as vital ​hospital ​records emerge Irish Council for Civil Liberties and Amnesty International Ireland join forces with Survivors of Symphysiotomy to strongly criticise the terms and conditions of

83 per cent voted to reject the Varadkar scheme.

83 per cent voted to reject the Varadkar scheme. At EGMs attended by 350 members and their families, 83 per cent voted to reject the Varadkar scheme. We ask: Why is Minister Varadkar flouting key UN recommendations? Why is he

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