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Catholic fundamentalism goes some way towards explaining the mind-set of obstetricians who performed the barbaric surgery, but it is not the entire story, writes Ruadhán Mac Aodháin.

OVER THE PAST seven days, the campaign for justice for survivors of symphysiotomy made national news as the Survivors of Symphysiotomy organisation and their members went on television, radio and appeared before the Oireachtas to tell their stories.

Unquestionably, Theresa Devoy’s account on Tonight with Vincent Browne last Tuesday evening of her abuse at the hands of medical practitioners in St Luke’s Hospital Kilkenny captured the public’s attention. Theresa’s story brought home the true horrors of this barbaric and destructive operation whereby she was allowed to remain in labour for four days, begged to see a doctor, ignored, finally operated upon and awoke, unable to move.

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